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Plastic forming machine

A plastic forming machine, or plastic molding machine, is developed on the basis of rubber machinery and metal die-casting machine. Since the polymer injection molding process and molding equipment in the 1870s, as an industry, plastic forming machines were rapidly developed until the 1930s, with the gradual commercialization of plastic molding equipment, injection molding and […]

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Plastics Extrusion Products & Type

Plastics extrusion commonly uses plastic chips or pellets, which are usually dried, to drive out moisture, in a hopper before going to the feed screw. The polymer resin is heated to molten state by a combination of heating elements and shear heating from the extrusion screw. The screw, or screws as the case with twin […]

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Plastic Processing Type

Type:injection moulding, plastics extrusion, stretch-blow molding, thermoforming, compression molding, calendering, transfer molding, laminating, fiberglass molding, pultrusion, filament winding, vacuum forming, rotational molding Injection moulding Injection moulding BrE or Injection molding AmE, is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. Injection moulding can be performed with a host of materials […]

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Where to Source Plastic Molding Machine

Automatic molding, a semi-automated form of compression molding, is the process Sunkoo uses for the manufacture of medium-volume to large-volume net molded and near net molded PTFE components. The automatic molding process requires dedicated tooling, typically requires minimal operator intervention and plastic parts can be fabricated relatively rapidly. With the use of precise tooling and […]

Extrusion Methods

By plasticizing, there are dry extrusion and wet extrusion processes and by pressurizing there are continuous and intermittent extrusion processes Continuous production yields a high efficiency, simple operation for a wide range of applications, such as tubing extrusion, sheet/film extrusion etc. Profile Extrusion The Profile Extrusion process, such as drinking straws and medical tubing, is […]

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Plastic Extrusion vs. Injection Molding

For industrial manufacturers, the methods of injection molding and/or extrusion are specified to make products with different shapes and sizes. The molten die-casting method is the basis of the injection molding process. The injection-molding unit consists of two elements: the clamping unit, and the injection unit. Unlike extrusion, injection molding forms three-dimensional shapes. In terms […]

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Screw Design in Plastic Extrusion

The basic extrusion screw has three distinct parts, each engineered to do a specific task. The feed section is in the rear of the screw, where plastic pellets are gravity fed from above and conveyed forward. The length to diameter ratio of the feed section is typically four or five to one, which is sufficient […]

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What are the control zones inside an extruder?

One important thing to note is that all components have bores or channels drilled inside them for cooling purposes. This indicates that the temperature rise inside the extruder is formidable and sufficient measures must be taken to prevent scorching. Also excessive temperature makes the rubber to stick on the screw and make mixing inefficient. Too […]

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Parts of Extruder

1. Hopper cylinder – It is made of cast steel and is jacketed for water-cooling. The insides are made wear resistant by chrome plating or nitrited alloy steel. The insides also have spiral undercuts for high feeding efficiency. 2. Rollfeeder – The feed roll is operated by the screw by the means of a gear […]

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Types of Plastic Molding Machine

Blow molding:The process follows the basic steps found in glass blowing. A parison (heated plastic mass, generally a tube) is inflated by air. The air pushes the plastic against the mold to form the desired shape. Once cooled, the plastic is ejected. The blow molding process is designed to manufacture high volume, one-piece hollow objects. […]