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Tube Extrusion

PTFE tube molding machine

PTFE tube molding machine Features:Save time and money;Advance designed;High output;Long-life;Tube OD Size range:20-500 mm;Production Per Hour in Kg:10+;Automatic;Computerized; PTFE tube molding machine is to extrude PTFE/UHMWPE Tubes. It is designed using latest technology, fully reliable and easy to operate for customers. Performance in terms of production and working hour capacity is competitive to other machines. […]

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Types of injection molding machines & molding machine process

Molding Machines are classified primarily by the type of driving systems they use: hydraulic, mechanical, electric, or hybrid. Hydraulic Hydraulic presses have historically been the only option available to molders until Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., LTD introduced the first all-electric injection molding machine in 1983. Hydraulic machines, although not nearly as precise, are the predominant […]

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Rotational moulding,Powder injection moulding and thixomoulding

Rotational moulding In rotationalmoulding,a chargeof plastic powderis placed in one half of a metal mould.The mouldhalves are thenclamped together and heated while the mould rotates biaxially. The powder particles melt and coalesce to form a homogeneous layer on the surface of the mould. The mould is then cooled and the polymer layer densiŽ es and […]

Tube Extrusion

Injection Moulding Process – Injection Moulding Machines

Injection moulding is a two step cyclical process: (a) melt generation by a rotating screw, and (b) Žfilling of the mouldwith molten polymer by the forward ramming of the screw (called a reciprocating screw), followed by a very short packing stage necessary to pack more polymer in the mould to offset the shrinkage after cooling […]