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March 09 2018 0Comment
PTFE Corrugated Tube/Pipe Machine

Basic Types of Plastic Pipes

Solid wall pipe Extruded pipes consisting of one layer of a homogeneous matrix of thermoplastic material which is ready for use in a pipeline. Structured wall pipe Structured-wall pipes and fittings are products which have an optimized design with regard to material usage to achieve the physical, mechanical and performance requirements. Structured Wall Pipes are […]

March 06 2018 0Comment

How ordinary items are made using plastic injection molding

Increasing use of thermoplastics in manufacturing took place during the middle of the past century, coming on especially strong during the war years, 1940-45, where many applications substituted the use of plastics for metal. Even in the sixties it was a booming and yet still infant, emerging technology. The 1967 movie, “The Graduate,” starring Dustin […]

February 28 2018 0Comment

How to Avoid Injection Molding Defects

When working with any manufacturing process, a number of defects unique to that process commonly occur. This is true across many processes and industries, including plastic injection molding and high volume injection molding. Resin- and Additive-Caused Defects Two common defects caused by issues with the resin or resin additives used during injection molding are delamination […]

February 27 2018 0Comment

Plastic Injection Molding Terms

Parting line – A line on a part formed when the two sides of the mold come together. Polymer – A substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins. Prototype tool – Also called […]

February 26 2018 0Comment
Extrusion moulding

Questions to Consider Before Getting an Injection Molding Quote

Injection molding is the most common plastic molding process and is used to create a wide variety of complex parts of different size and shape. Whether it’s an overcap for a water bottle or a vinyl window part being manufactured, injection molding is efficient and economical, especially if high volumes of parts are being produced. […]

February 09 2018 0Comment

Blow vs Compression vs Extrusion vs Injection Molding Machine

Blow molding – well suited for hollow objects, like bottles The process follows the basic steps found in glass blowing. A parison (heated plastic mass, generally a tube) is inflated by air. The air pushes the plastic against the mold to form the desired shape. Once cooled, the plastic is ejected. The blow molding process […]

February 08 2018 0Comment
Extrusion moulding

Where to Source Plastic Molding Machine

Automatic molding, a semi-automated form of compression molding, is the process Sunkoo uses for the manufacture of medium-volume to large-volume net molded and near net molded PTFE components. The automatic molding process requires dedicated tooling, typically requires minimal operator intervention and plastic parts can be fabricated relatively rapidly. With the use of precise tooling and […]

February 07 2018 0Comment
Tube Extrusion

Plastic Machinery Manufacturer

Sunkoo’s enormous strength comes from a wonderful combination of its highly efficient and professional management and a dedicated workforce of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians and marketing personnel, which in turn, leads to world-class manufacturing, testing and R & D , besides meeting requirements of clients’ specifications globally. We have invested in advanced training […]

February 06 2018 0Comment
Plastic Extrusion Operator

What Is a Plastic Extrusion Operator?

Extrusion operators, sometimes called extruding and drawing machine operators, control and monitor machines that shape thermoplastic materials. They work in a number of manufacturing industries, including general plastics manufacturing, automobile and automotive parts manufacturing, and aerospace manufacturing. Preparation Required While some employers of plastic extrusion operators may hire candidates who don’t have a high school […]

February 05 2018 0Comment

Extrusion Methods

By plasticizing, there are dry extrusion and wet extrusion processes and by pressurizing there are continuous and intermittent extrusion processes Continuous production yields a high efficiency, simple operation for a wide range of applications, such as tubing extrusion, sheet/film extrusion etc. Profile Extrusion The Profile Extrusion process, such as drinking straws and medical tubing, is […]