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October 23 2017 0Comment
Tube Extrusion

Equipment for the extrusion of tube PTFE

Vertical Ram Extruder for PTFE tube;Ram extruding machine for PTFE tube;Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material; Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material;Range of diameter PTFE Extrusion 20-600mm. Benefits: Save time and money, good advantage price offer to customers. Intelligent and easy-to-use operations. Small workplacerequired due to its compact design and electricity saving machine. […]

October 21 2017 0Comment
extrusion moulding

PTFE oven

Sintering oven for Gaskets Sunkoo has built ovens for PTFE since it was first created. Sunkoo Ovens are used to sinter molded parts, thermally enhance products qualities, and almost all heated processes in the Fluor polymer family supply chain. More Details Sintering Furnace for Rods/Tubes Sunkoo supplies drying and sintering furnaces especially for the PTFE […]

October 20 2017 0Comment
Tube Extrusion

Extruder Manufacturing

Incepted in 2004, at Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, we, “Jiangsu Sunkoo Machine Tech Co., Ltd”, are one of the renowned manufacturers of quality range of PTFE/ Teflon and UHMWPE machine. Our comprehensive array includes PTFE & UHMWPE Rods Ram Extrusion Machines, PTFE & UHMWPE Ram Extrusion Machines, PTFE Molding Machines, PTFE Gasket Machines & Sintering Furnace/Ovens. […]

October 19 2017 0Comment
Tube Extrusion

PTFE tube molding machine

PTFE tube molding machine Features:Save time and money;Advance designed;High output;Long-life;Tube OD Size range:20-500 mm;Production Per Hour in Kg:10+;Automatic;Computerized; PTFE tube molding machine is to extrude PTFE/UHMWPE Tubes. It is designed using latest technology, fully reliable and easy to operate for customers. Performance in terms of production and working hour capacity is competitive to other machines. […]

August 29 2017 0Comment

Extrusion Blow Molding

Extrusion is a shape forming manufacturing process that involves forcing material into a die to make other shapes with that matetial. It’s like play dough. Imagine having play dough and pushing it through one of those tools with all the holes. You end up with play dough spaghetti. This is an example of extrusion. You […]

April 24 2017 0Comment

The advantages of the extrusion blow molding

1,The cost of the extrusion blow molding machine is cheaper than that of injection molding machine, about one third of the injection blow molding machine. 2,On blowing molding, the preform is formed under low pressure through the extrusion equipment heat, in this circumstance, the residual stress of the products is small. With its good performance […]

April 21 2017 0Comment
Extrusion Machine

Single Screw & Twin Screw Extruder Difference

single screw:In single screw extruders, a screw mixer melts the entering plastic materials, pushes the material through the extruder, and forms the plastic into the desired shape. Twin screw:Twin screw extruders have two intermeshing screws and operate in the same manner as a single screw extruder. The picture below shows the barrels of the extruder […]

April 10 2017 0Comment
Crosshead Extrusion

Crosshead Extrusion Process (Wire & Cable Coating)

Crosshead extrusion process is widely used to coat wires and cables with a polymer. The basic procedure includes pulling of the wire / cable to be coated at a uniform rate via a crosshead die, where it is covered with the molten plastic. This extrusion process for coating is used in most wires and cables […]

April 07 2017 0Comment
Tube Extrusion

Overjacketing And Tubing Extrusion

Overjacketing and tubing extrusion are highly preferred processes for extruding a range of plastic materials. The overjacketing extrusion process is discussed here. In the process of wire coating, the bare wire or some bundles of jacketed wires, filaments, etc. are pulled through the die’s center, which is similar to the tubing die. The different materials […]

April 06 2017 0Comment

Extrusion Materials – Polymeric Materials

Polymeric materials are widely extruded into various products, using sophisticated extrusion machines such as extruder and others. The finished products are used for consumer as well as industrial applications. This extrusion process is an integrated one, in which extruder involves one of the components of the complete line. On the basis of the requirement of […]