Product Description:

PFLB20 Rod Extruder Features:

  • Save time and money.
  • PLC design and easy to operate.
  • Long time span. No heating effect during operation.
  • With latest technology and optimized design.
  • Min – Max Dia:4-20mm.
  • Production Per Hour: 7-10+ kg/h.
  • Automatic operation.

Machine Description:

Teflon PTFE Rods bar Ram Extruder single screw Machine Dia 4-20mm

1.Horizontal Ram Extruder for PTFE rod

2.Ram extruding machine for PTFE rod

3.Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material.

4.Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material.

PFLB20 Operational Features Include:

  1. Save time and money, good advantage price offer to customers.
  2. Intelligent and easy-to-use operations.
  3. Small workplacerequired due to its compact design and electricity saving machine.
  4. Super quality output and the physical properties is adjustable.
  5. Precisetemperature control, reaches + -1 degree.
  6. Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design.

Technical Data:

Type PTFE Vertical type Ram Extruder
Screw Single-Plunger
Rod Dia Range Min – Max Dia 4mm -20 mm
Automatic Automatic
Computerized Computerized
Plastic Processed Sintered PTFE Powder
Machine with PTFE Rod Mould Mould Depends on Required size
Process  Vertical type Ram Extruder M/c
Power KW (Main Motor+ heating) 14
Tolerance mm 0-0.2mm +
Length mm Unlimited
Production Per Hour in Kg 7-10+
Electricity Consumption Per hour 2
Temperature zone 3-5
Compressive force [kN] 50 -250
Weight  of the Machine 930
High of the Machine mm 2150
Voltage/PH/Hz AC380V 50Hz 3 Phase
Floor area of the Machine M2 3.5


  • 1.Vertical type Ram Extruder for PTFE rod.
  • 2.Ram extruding machine for PTFE rod.
  • 3.Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material.
  • 4.Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material.

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Model: Rod Extuder PFLB20
Features: Automatic & Computerized
Length: Unlimited
Size: Dia 4mm-20mm
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal



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