Successful Installation of PTFE TUBE RAM EXTRUDER MACHINE in USA

Successful Installation of PTFE TUBE RAM EXTRUDER MACHINE in USA

Last week three Ram Extruders for PTFE Tube were exported to USA. The manager and the senior engineer from SUNKOO Machine Tech Co., Ltd visited the USA to help the customer install equipment and give training of operation and maintenance. USA customer finally chose SUNKOO Machine Tech Co., Ltd because of its professional one-stop service. SUNKOO Machine Tech Co., Ltd is specialized in PTFE & UHMWPE equipment research, production and sales as one of the modern enterprise. And as the leading manufacturer in PTFE business, SUNKOO has established good business relationship with domestic and foreign companies over years rely on its high quality, advanced technology and meticulous service.

PTFE Tube Ram Extruder, the equipment that was going to be adjusted, is one of the best-selling machines of SUNKOO. After many times researches by engineers, it could keep stable ram speed and produces precise high-quality PTFE Tube products. The machine is suitable for both new PTFE material and recycled one. Besides, the wide range of diameter can satisfy customers’ specific demands. With the advantages of high output and low energy consumption, SUNKOO has successfully opened its market to USA, UAE, Korea, India, Russia, Malaysia, etc and achieved good reputation among customers.



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