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Teflon gasket made machines

Teflon gasket made machines Features:Efficiently producing: 300pieces/h(large size);More energy saving: the total power only 5KW;More friendly to environment: no PTFE powder splashing but powder output automatically;More precise: producing gaskets by controlling the power quantity;More time saving : the power cut off automatically while the production number set up;Longer working life : no heat while working.

PTFE gaskets are used in many industrial applications, especially the following:

1, Compressor – High temperature and surface-wear resistant sealing gaskets.

2, Electric Motor – Sealing gaskets for components that require corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures and high surface wear.

3, Medical Component – Seals for electronic instrumentation using materials that provide secure seals and long product life. Specialty gaskets, especially miniature sizes, are required for many medical devices.

4, Petrochemical – Gaskets for process equipment that are resistant to corrosive fluids, temperature extremes and surface wear.


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