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Extrusion moulding

Moldmaker & Molding Process

A moldmaker (mouldmaker in British English) or molder is a skilled trades worker who makes molds for use in metalworking and other manufacturing industries. It is sometimes regarded as a variety of the trade of the toolmaker. Moldmakers are generally employed in foundries, where molds are used to cast products from metals such as aluminium […]


How ordinary items are made using plastic injection molding

Increasing use of thermoplastics in manufacturing took place during the middle of the past century, coming on especially strong during the war years, 1940-45, where many applications substituted the use of plastics for metal. Even in the sixties it was a booming and yet still infant, emerging technology. The 1967 movie, “The Graduate,” starring Dustin […]


How to Avoid Injection Molding Defects

When working with any manufacturing process, a number of defects unique to that process commonly occur. This is true across many processes and industries, including plastic injection molding and high volume injection molding. Resin- and Additive-Caused Defects Two common defects caused by issues with the resin or resin additives used during injection molding are delamination […]


Plastic Injection Molding Terms

Parting line – A line on a part formed when the two sides of the mold come together. Polymer – A substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins. Prototype tool – Also called […]

Extrusion moulding

Questions to Consider Before Getting an Injection Molding Quote

Injection molding is the most common plastic molding process and is used to create a wide variety of complex parts of different size and shape. Whether it’s an overcap for a water bottle or a vinyl window part being manufactured, injection molding is efficient and economical, especially if high volumes of parts are being produced. […]