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Skiving machine

Skiving or scarfing machines cut material off in slices, usually metal, but also leather or laminates. The process is used instead of rolling the material to shape when the material must not be work hardened, or must not shed minute slivers of metal later which is common in cold rolling processes. The skiving process, meaning […]


Blown film & Sheet/film extrusion

Blown film extrusion:The manufacture of plastic film for products such as shopping bags and continuous sheeting is achieved using a blown film line. This process is the same as a regular extrusion process up until the die. There are three main types of dies used in this process: annular , spider, and spiral. Annular dies […]


PTFE skived film machine

PTFE Skiving Film Machine Description: 1. Main Driving Part: Taiwan AC motor with inverter is installed. The acceleration and the deceleration are fast and steady. 2. Central Control Unit: programmable central control is used and various sizes (20 at most) can be set on the same shaft for automatic transfer and cutting. 3. Operating Panel: […]