Product Description

PTFE Film Skiving Machine Features:anti-voltage intensity;high breakdown voltage;wide operation temperatures;Chemical resisting;High working temperatures;Low friction;Surface protect material;Taiwan AC motor with inverter is employed. The acceleration and the deceleration are fast and steady.

Machine key Specifications

Diameter range for rotary cutting: Max diameter 900mm Min diameter 105mm

Length range for rotary cutting: Max length 2050mm Min length 915mm
Thickness range of Rod for rotary cutting : 0.2-7mm
Power of main motor :37KW
Total power of machine : 42.2KW
Specification of blade : L 2100mm*W 80mm* T 13mm
Outside size of machine : L 6945 * W 2500 * H 1600.

PTFE Skiving Film Machine Description

1. Main Driving Part: Taiwan AC motor with inverter is installed. The acceleration and the deceleration are fast and steady.

2. Central Control Unit: programmable central control is used and various sizes (20 at most) can be set on the same shaft for automatic transfer and cutting.

3. Operating Panel: all functions are operated on the 10.4″ Taiwan Wein View LCD touch panel.

4. Motor Control System: the central control system is PLC programmable controller. Various sizes can be set on the same shaft, and the cutting width is adjusted automatically.

5. Roll Cutting Positioning System: roll cutting positioning is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor.

The imported high precision ball screw is applied to set the size and the linear slide rail is to bear the load of the cutter seat.

6. Blade Feeding Positioning System: blade feeding is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor, and the cutting speed is adjustable in three stages. The efficiency is improved and the best quality is guaranteed.

7. Auto Angle Adjustment of Circular Blade: Mitsubishi servo motor is used to calculate the circular blade angle and the angle change is subject to different materials (the angle change range is ±8°).

The cutting angle is changed directly when the cutting surface is not smooth, so the efficiency is improved.

PTFE Film Skiving Application

PTFE Teflon Film has made extensive investments in the latest skiving technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high quality, competitively priced products. For its excellent dielectric capability, anti-aging and anti-corrosion property, super thin PTFE Teflon skived Tape & Film has been used in a wide range of industries including the electronics and semi density industries. Furthermore, it is classified into oriented film, semi-oriented film and non-oriented film. Super thin PTFE Teflon skived Tape & Film is available in a wide range of widths, thickness and colors. Especially, Senrong’s new investment in a high precision film skiving machine will make the production of ultra thin film or sheet possible, and can consistently achieve the tightest tolerance of ±.05 mils so that we can meet these exacting demands from customers worldwide.

Description Parameter
Length of the knife and the nose bar 2100 mm
Max width of PTFE sheet 2000 mm
Maximum diameter of the PTFE billet to be cut φ400 mm
Thickness range of PTFE sheet 0.20-8 mm
Rotational speed of the main shaft (stepless ) 1—15 r/min
Diameter of the main shaft φ110 mm
Power of the main motor 45 KW (Frequency conversion motor)
Total power of the machine 55 KW
Net weight ≈12600 Kg
Overall dimension (length×width×height) 7200×1900×1600 mm


Model: Film Skiving Machine
Features: Automatic & Computerized
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal



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